Who are we?

The Academic Studies Group is a group formed by faculty members from more than 20 countries. The Academic Studies Group advocates for the vital role science plays in education, government and business. The Academic Studies Group brings together academics, students, administrators and practitioners with similar interests to focus on specific educational research areas, develop projects, carry out joint activities and share expertise.
After the first project of the academic studies group, the Family Business series of 16 volumes, which was published in series, it organized international congresses and expanded its portfolio of foreign academicians. Academic Studies Group acts with the awareness of the importance of academic cooperation. Academic Studies Group works with the leading universities of Turkey and the world.

ACADEMIC STUDIES ASSOCIATION was established on 08.02.2022.


Journal of Management Theory and Practices Research

Journal of Public Economy and Public Financial Management

Scientific Journal of Finance and Financial Law Studies

Scientific Journal of Innovation and Social Sciences Research

Journal of Theoretical and Empirical Research on Management

Journal of Strategic Management School